5 Steps to Getting Started Telling Your Story Online

Emily Smith on June 2, 2017. Tags: , , , , , , ,

Storytelling for your company can greatly enhance audience engagement.

I love telling stories whether it’s online or off, in front of a camera or a microphone, I just love sharing. So when a company or brand wants my help in telling their story for social media and brand awareness I like to start with these first steps:

1. What Stories Do You Already Tell?

It’s likely that you are already online in some capacity, on some storytelling platform. Which platforms are storytelling ones? Pretty much all of them! Your website is your digital business card telling the story of where you have been and where you want to go. Facebook is your milk crate to digitally stand up on and tell everyone what you are up to.  Twitter is your megaphone to tell everyone what you are thinking, doing, liking, reading… in real time short bursts. Your YouTube or Vimeo channel is your video diary and highlight reel, and your Instagram is your visual collection of all the above. When you sit back and see what you have been posting you can start to see the story you have already started to tell. What is it? Do you see a pattern in hashtags or topics you tend to post? The types of visuals you share? The tone of your comments and descriptions?

2. What Stories Do You WANT to Tell?

After you do a look back, or what I would call an audit of your online self, is it inline with what you want to project as your brand? Curate your stories to focus on what you want people to notice about you when they search for you and likewise make it easier for them to find you with better descriptions and hashtags that tell your story as close to the authentic you that can be captured.

3. Be You: Authentic and Transparent Stories are the Best Stories.

Some of my best social shares are when I see something and I share it without overthinking it and over editing it. For example, I stopped in High Park the other day because I noticed one hill had over 10 lilac trees and bushes – it was over run with lilacs! I took a quick video of it and shared it on Twitter with the caption “DYK there is a hillside in #HighPark that is covered in lilac trees? *flower emoji*. I thought, no one is going to care about this but hey, these trees made me stop and smile so maybe just maybe it will make someone online smile too.

It did. It is my third top tweet in analytics this month with a 3.3% engagement rate which is double my average tweet, and was one of my top RTs (retweets) and liked tweets for this year. All because I posted something that I had an authentic connection with.

4. Consistency Will Make It Easier

Getting started is always the toughest part, but the other side of authenticity is consistency, which also makes things easier because in posting consistently you will also be practicing telling your story. You will get better at it the more you do it. What’s the saying? With 10,000 hours you can be a master at anything? Well, think about every blog, every tweet, every Snap, everything you have put out there and how if you look back at the first time you uploaded how far you have come. Your storytelling muscle needs exercise, so the more you create the more strength you will have when it comes to creating.

5. Your Story Means You Can Say It Anyway You Want.

Remember how we talked about platforms, yup, just scroll up. All those different ways of storytelling means you have a toolkit at your fingertips for almost any story: be it a spoken word poem recorded and uploaded to SoundCloud, or a short documentary shot on your smart phone uploaded to Vimeo; you can pretty much tell your story exactly the way you want it to be represented thanks to today’s technology.

Want help telling your story? Don’t exactly know how to bring your story to life or maybe you’re better at the idea of the story then the actual representation – we can help with that. Storytelling is our jam! I have to say, AR and VR (heck even MR) are not exactly as easy as uploading a blog to WordPress, but it may be exactly the platform you need right now to tell your story to the world! Let us help you tell your story.

Tell us what story you are working on over at social media: @nocampfirereq_d 


Adrianna  is *no campfire required’s Community Builder + Digital Storyteller + Story Keeper. She’s the social media geek connecting you with the company’s products, stories, and community.