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About transmedia storytellers, *no campfire required

We are Toronto-based Story Experience Creators.

*no campfire required makes interactive stories, designing both the immersive experiences and the best of the technology behind them.

Our story experiences can happen once or be infinitely replayed. Audiences can find them online or in real life or both. They’re special because they’re customized, and because everything is built with audience interaction in mind.

We are *no campfire required because we create an alternative setting to the campfires of old. The asterisk in *no campfire required marks us as just a little bit different. We’re that key detail that you don’t want to forget, that just makes everything a little more intriguing. If you take a step back, the asterisk is also a view from above of the story circle that used to gather around a campfire. We wanted to make sure the circle was still there, despite there being no campfire required.

*no campfire required is a story partnership passionate about creating a space for humans to connect with each other through shared experience.



At *no campfire required, we build story experiences to connect brands with their audience and humans with their community.

We do this because the best way to reach out and engage people to is to have them see and hear and feel as you do. By leveraging the unique strengths of interactive video, our adventure app and our immersive story experiences, we can maximize viewership and create an engaged community of long-term fans and evangelists.

We do this because we love it! We’re the gamers, the bookworms, the super fans that you know. We are the enthusiastic individuals who continually seek out new tools to add to our story experience toolbox. We use those tools to make unique connections with your audience. Let us show you how your audience will love what we do.





We are story experience designers, creators, and community builders for the digital age.

  • We start every project by looking through your brand and your audience’s eyes to understand what you really need.
  • We engage audiences at the right level. We’re authentic and intelligent in all communication, never condescending.
  • We’re motivated by creativity and innovation.
  • We love the latest technology tools, but we’ll use what’s right for your goals and budget, and to maximize your audience’s experience.
  • We are constantly testing new audience solutions. We embrace the positive and learn from the negative outcomes of our experiments. We will never, ever say, “but we’ve always done it this way.”
  • We love our city and our country, and we will do anything we can to increase the positive spotlight on Toronto and Canada.



At *no campfire required, we’re united by our desire to create the most entertaining and engaging story experiences. We use our products and services to make new and lasting connections with your audience. We’re bookworms, geeks, gamers and super fans who arrived at the same place via quite different paths. Check us out. (Click on our faces.)

 Emily Smith*


*Founder, CEO & Business Operations
… and Storyteller

Paulo Ramos*

Paulo Ramos

*Co-Founder & Lead Developer
… and Storyteller