Passport AR – Augmented Reality


78% of millennials would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event over buying a new object.


Millennials and their younger siblings look for entertainment that they can tell other people about; they look for products or services that help them to connect with friends over something they both love. This doesn’t mean houses or cars anymore. This means experiences. As they revel in your festival, retail, or tourist destination, so do tens of millions of those same people worldwide play Pokémon GO.

The Passport AR augmented reality (AR) adventure story creator caters to that desire for shared experience and connection. Passport AR is made up of a tech block and a story block that are customizable based on your audience, theme, and goals. Audience members use their phones to access and navigate through the custom-built story, including interacting with 2D or 3D AR elements that appear to be superimposed on top of the real world.

Ultimately, Passport AR encourages exploration of physical real-world sites while allowing you to collect relevant and useful data about your guests. As for your guests, they get involved in an engaging experience that they’ll not only talk about to their friends but they will never forget.

Passport AR Features

  • custom-built narratives
  • flexible adventure and challenge types
  • player interaction
  • re-playability
  • standard event suite, with maps, a schedule, and more
  • gameplay analytics


Passport AR Options

  • augmented reality features triggered from a smartphone camera, a GPS, or a beacon network
  • rich media integration
  • complete white labelling
  • after care support
  • choose from either a curated or an untethered story experience
  • a variety of advanced tools for fuller audience immersion
  • both gameplay and physical real-world analytics
  • tailor-made store for additional in-experience adventures, upgrades or merchandise
  • flexible sponsorship and in-experience advertising options
  • simultaneous multi-lingual play

Passport AR Optimized Versions