Camile Gauthier

Camile Gauthier


Hey there! This is the Cam, the Chief Strategist and Creative Technologist, part of *no campfire required.

My elevator bio:

I was a small town boy with world-sized ambitions and dreams. I moved to Toronto and ended up at Canada’s largest telecommunications company for a million years, working in production for Bell’s Marketing and Communication teams. I make things. I love stories. I love making things that make stories better. And now I do it for *no campfire required.

Speaking of our business, I am the chief strategist and creative technologist. This means I lead the charge on what we’re going to build for you and how. Since I am an unrepentant geek, artist, maker and dreamer, this will bode well for your project. I am typically the one that will dream up all the best scenarios to approach the specific story that you are looking for *no campfire required to bring to life. If Emily is our project leader and architect, I am the engineer… and sometimes the carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter, or landscaper…. I like tool belts.

I’ve created a wide variety of projects over the years, but my personal highlight reel includes a few short films, a paradigm-redefining communication platform, a multiplayer Wii game, a national-level scripted scavenger hunt game, a web series, building my own Macintosh, mastering bacon making and conquering a life-long fear of heights.

Feel free to peruse my portfolio here, connect with me via *no campfire required’s contact page or via my personal social media. You can find me on:

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This is Cam’s Top 5 list (because I love lists):

1- I’m Creative.

I excel at coming up with unique solutions to problems; I’m as comfortable behind my Wacom tablet as I am with a paintbrush, a soldering iron or a hammer. I often come up with affordable solutions to expensive problems, ’cause I hate paying retail for something I can make myself. My process is simple: I experience as many different things as I can. I daydream, sketch, note, photograph and doodle voraciously and then I make stuff.

2- I’m Handy.

I’ve been called a hybrid designer, a handyman and a creative swiss army knife. This basically means that I play with everything. My current obsessions are moving imagery,  wearable computing, charcuterie and interactive maps. If it’s visual, if it lets people interact with media, or if it tastes good, I’m there, experimenting and playing with it. Honestly, right now, a location-based augmented-reality interactive scavenger hunt for bacon is my dream project.

3- I’m a Geek.

I revel in it. I love the web and techie things, computers and what makes them tick, machines, processes, pop and non-pop culture… I’m easily engrossed in how our world works. I constantly look for new ways to do my work or improve my life: new programs, new sites and new methodologies. I don’t let my tools slow me down and I can fix them when they break. I’m the guy people come to for advice on cameras, computers, movies, books and coffee. Right now, I’m tearing into some new transmedia engines.

4- I’m Curious.

“Get up, let’s go exploring!” My son has already gotten used to hearing this from me. When I say it, he usually excitedly squeals and throws up his arms in the air. He’s almost 2 by the way. Exploring is the only way that I’ve been able to feed my curiosity. My interests are vast. Whether in my own backyard or on another continent, I need to see how everything works and soak it all in. And for the last 2 years I’ve been blessed to have a sidekick (in addition to my very tolerant and patient wife) who’s allowing me to discover the whole universe all over again, this time through his eyes. There’s been a lot of construction machinery in our lives of late.

5- I’m a Storyteller.

The benefit of all the above is that it makes for very good stories. Which feels kinda natural to me, since I’m French-Canadian, which is a culture with a very rich storytelling history. I’ve told stories orally, on stage, in photographs, in drawings, on film and with puppets. Lately, I have a regular performance just before bedtime while my audience of one has his bottle of milk. My biggest rush is having people enjoy my stories or the stories I’ve helped to augment in some way.