Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Hello and welcome to the Emily, the CEO and Business Operations, part of *no campfire required.

Here’s my one-sentence bio: I went to school in Toronto, accidentally moved to Switzerland for 10 years and moved back a year ago to follow my passion into this startup business.  

In terms of our company, as the CEO, I’m the primary person connecting with brands, tourism destinations, and event and festival organizers to promote the company’s products. I’m often out there online and personally in Toronto, talking about stories and the power of media to make genuine personal connections between people, for brands and with fans.

Connect with me via *no campfire required’s contact page or my personal social media. You can find me on:

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On a more personal level, I am:

A lover of stories (with good peripheral vision)

There are many pictures of me as a kid with my nose in a book, and I can still walk down a set of stairs without having to interrupt my reading. I get distracted by stories; I remember a recent vacation afternoon in Panama where I came across a book of African children’s stories in a coffee shop and ended up staying the entire afternoon to finish the book. I’ve been known to be late for appointments with friends because I was lost somewhere in Middle Earth or more recently, in the Seven Kingdoms.

A media buff

I worked at the International Olympic Committee for nine years in total. For the last couple of years, I was the main commercial contact for the Olympic Games broadcasters. This meant that I connected with broadcaster marketing teams to train them on the sales, marketing and brand requirements in their IOC contracts. I also made sure they received the assets they bought and followed up on compliance with commitments made to the IOC. In this multi-faceted role, I furthermore represented broadcasters’ needs inside the IOC, I taught Olympic Games Organizing Committees about broadcaster-specific use of their brand and I approved use of the Olympic brand in “Watch the Olympic Games” promos from Canada to China and from Austria to Australia.  Thus I came to understand the potential for capturing a people’s attention by telling a magical human story on just the right media platform at just the right time.

A connector geek

I love gadgets, especially the ones that connect people to each other. I see communications technology as a tool that we’re still learning how to use. Many people complain that we don’t talk to each other anymore, but personally, I think we’re in a period of readjustment. Technology makes available many more potential human connections then we ever had before. It’s up to us to decide how to filter and enjoy our interactions with those connections that would have, in the past, been harder to make and to keep. We will ultimately decide to what extent we are okay with other people texting while we’re talking to them face-to-face.

I am hands on and love to try new things and to play around with any gadget to understand how it works, and to come up with ways it could be useful to what I’m doing now of thinking of doing soon. Or, I’ll remember that three different people I know are working on a project could benefit from this functionality and I’ll send ot to them, along with an idea for how to integrate it. It’s another type of connecting.