Paulo Ramos

Paulo Ramos

Bem vindo! This is the Paulo, the Co-Founder & Lead Developer, part of *no campfire required.

My elevator bio:

I’m original in the world of interactive content and advertising. I got my start with computer graphics in the time when 3D/2D animation and image composition was called new media and interactive content came on CD-ROMs. This means not only have I played more and better 90s and 00’s games than everyone I work with, but I already know how to apply the best practices that we learned the first time around. I am also the AR and Unity specialist at *no campfire required, which means I’m forever on the edge of what’s new. Speaking of our company, I’m responsible for development and game design using the newest technologies.


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What you should know about me:

1. I am Brazilian and serial entrepreneur… Brazil’s international brand is strong; very few people don’t feel strongly in one way or another about my country. One thing is certain: we are known for our passion. I am that passionate person who will collaborate all day and all night to get things right for the clients and the community.

2. I am Customer-focused development advocate… I’ve been a both a product and a content manager, so I deeply understand market needs, processes and models. I can uniquely marry tech and content to make the best possible products for our clients. In 2001, I developed a Digital Video Transfer system using dedicated networks to connect Brazilian advertising agencies to their suppliers. I pitched it to Broadcast & Cable SET 2001-SP, and the outcome was an innovation model for the market.

3. I’ve always loved interactive content… I got my start developing and producing interactive magazines and digital catalogues, originally distributed in CD-ROM format and later in web format as some of the first online catalogues. In 2002, I was one of the first producers in Brazil to start creating and developing interactive TV projects, and one of my projects, The Blue Tour Channel (the Tourism and Hospitality Information Services Channel) was elected one of the “5 runners up” for the best use of technology, commercial viability and innovative interactive TV applications. For me, this led to a series of invitations to speak on conference and event panels, including Broadcast and Cable SET 2002 and 2003, and interviews in many Brazilian media industry magazines like Tela Viva, and Meio&Mensagem.

4. Why am I in Toronto? I’m a challenged-starved guy… I love doing tasks that take me out of my comfort zone. My first experience living abroad is here in Toronto, because I decided to go to the place with the most mixed cultures living together in harmony, the highest quality of life, best universities and why not also say, the best weather? Yes, I love the cold. Toronto also has one of the strongest innovative and high-tech professional communities in the world. Many high-end industry professionals are coming to Toronto and starting businesses here. The available incentives, collaboration opportunities and government support are impressive and well known by the global community of tech professionals. I wanted to be here to experience for myself this unique pan regional evolution.

My current focus remains on being a digital and interactive trend builder in this new era of information technology where the ‘Customer is King’. I’ll continue to create new innovative approaches to delivering high quality interactive content. That’s how I ended up at *no campfire required, and since we’re constantly doing new things, I expect to stay for quite a while.