Our Team’s Highlights for VRTO 2017

Emily Smith on July 7, 2017. Tags: , , , , , ,

Our *NCR team was at VRTO 2017 at Ryerson University, Rogers Communication Centre this past week, and we had a fantastic time meeting fellow VR and AR gurus and fans. Here are some thoughts from our team about their experience:

Luciano at VRTO 2017



Luciano, our Designer and UX Specialist:
“Overwhelmingly cool, that’s all I can say about VRTO 2017: exciting products, services, and people. But one exhibitor, in particular, caught my attention: Good Robot. The project brought by them isn’t something unedited, but the way they do what they do is awesome. The Good Robot booth had 24 DSLR cameras working together to produce 24 shots in different angles at the same time, providing enough information to deliver, in five minutes (just five minutes!) a 3d model of each visitor. I must tell the truth; it’s a simple model, but still, impressive. I couldn’t lose the chance of having myself as a 3d object and mess with it later on my computer!”


Rob, our Co-Director of Sales:
“It’s impossible for me to separate my VRTO experience from an extraordinary realization, a moment of clarity that occurs once every two or three decades, at best. The reason that AR & VR & MR (mixed – aka “blended” reality) are at once “part of the same phenomenon” (I can hear some people cringing, but hey, truth my friends) and also the future of multimedia content ISN’T BECAUSE OF ITS VALUE TO THE FILM & ENTERTAINMENT industry, contrary to what seems to be the prevailing assumption… my VRTO epiphany is that VR/AR fundamentally elevates what is possible in terms of human communication. VR and AR stand out because of their immersiveness compared to “passive” entertainment, but in truth, it’s the depth of analytical inquisition rendered possible by these INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES (yes, in layman’s terms, aren’t VR/AR and even the internet all basically “interactive tools” ?) that factually represent a game-changing development for western and eastern societies alike.
What is more important, the level of entertainment we provide people or the level of communication they can expect when they’re NOT being entertained ?

I vote “the level of communication people can expect, when not being entertained”…because to me, those are basically the moments that matter most to me.

So to bring the VRTO epiphany all the way around – full circle, virtually and metaphorically – all the installations, the production tools, the VR short film-experiences, the Augmented layers of beauty that AR can superimpose via my cellphone (and glasses)…all these high-tech toys, by girls & boys who have a passion for creativity-driven innovation, represent the first “universal” Tools of Play for humanity, that allow storytelling and learning-by-experience to trigger the most pacifist AND economically-beneficial civic evolution of our time: a “Communication Revolution” (of Knowledge, not technology).

It’s impossible for me not to say VRTO was sadly all too small to reach the larger population of Toronto, however much I loved it. Perhaps it was the gay-pride weekend celebrations…or maybe it was just VR & AR’s relative lack of “practical applications” for everyday people… and there’s no doubt this blog post won’t help much either, in terms of delivering accessibility to the masses 🙂
I suppose, I could’ve just as easily said : I discovered lots about the future of human connection, emotional intelligence, and inter-generation education, at VRTO 2017 in Toronto… I hope more people realize the scope of Communication Solutions available in this world by next year’s event.”

Adrianna, our Community Builder and Story Keeper:
“I really enjoyed the VR experiences that had a complete experience. What do I mean by that? Instead of just focusing on what was happening inside the VR helmet, some projects tried to encompass more than just the VR manipulation of your eyes – they went for more sense! “High Life” music video was presented in a mini tent complete with fake grass to lay upon and even an aromatherapy smell-track (like a soundtrack but for your nose!) which made it the highlight of my day. Runner up was PaperDude which had a stationary bicycle as part of their VR experience which wasn’t just there for ambiance but you had to USE the bike to make the game work! I loved it! Mixed Reality is what I’m most excited about it seems, and these two projects really stood out for me as memorable encounters at VRTO17.”

Adrianna in the tent for “High Life” VR experience

Adrianna playing PaperDude


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