What we do

*no campfire required is a story experience company.

We build story experiences to connect brands with their audiences and humans with their communities.

Our Products and Services Include:

Passport AR

An off-the-shelf augmented reality adventure story creator package (think customizable Pokémon GO, plus a narrative for long-term audience engagement). It can be tailored in a short period of time to design a great branded experience for a specific audience.

*no campfire required‘s Passport AR adventure story creator app uses a story to make a regular day out into a memorable experience, testing the audience’s knowledge and making them laugh. It encourages exploration of physical real-world sites while allowing our clients to collect relevant and useful data about their  guests. As for the guests, they get involved in an engaging experience that they’ll not only rave about to their friends but they will never forget.

Passport IV

An interactive video platform for content creators to customize a selection of different content types to keep their audience engaged (think custom internet rabbit hole).

*no campfire required‘s videos are beautiful and deep. We are known for high production quality, and our audience got lost in our last interactive video for an average of 177 minutes at a time. Our unique tools mean this doesn’t cost as much as you might think.


Story Content - What we do


Passport Engage

A community building package for your brand that starts from zero in finding your people or thoroughly engages the existing crowd for loyalty in the long term.

*no campfire required believes that a strong brand community increases customer loyalty, lowers marketing costs, and yields an new and innovative ideas to grow the business. The better you get to know your audience, the better you understand how to reach them, what to say, how and when. It starts with brands and their customers getting into conversations. With hard work and commitment, it ends with the brand having at their disposal a group of
dedicated people willing and enthusiastic to be part of their projects for now and a long time to come.

Why *no campfire required?

Our service offering is large for the size of our team. We have worked on a national and international scale in:

  • marketing
  • branding
  • community building
  • production
  • development

We’re storytellers, constantly looking for new ways to surprise and entertain. We’re based in Toronto, but we also have connections in unexpected places all over the globe. Check out our bio pages for more details.